3 Greatest Benefits Of Area Rugs For Your Home

Area rugs may have more benefits than you realize!

Area rugs may have more benefits than you realize!

Area rugs are great for decorating rooms and adding a sense of style, but they have so many more benefits for your home as well! Area rugs can actually save you money on heating costs, reduces echo and sounds (which will make any apartment neighbors happy,) and provides more comfort to your home.

Lower Heating Costs

If you don’t have any area rugs in your house or apartment yet, winter is a great time to get one! Area rugs have a huge benefit of keeping your home warmer, allowing you to cut back on your heating costs. The rugs block the cool air from escaping from your floor, and heavier rugs decrease the amount of heat needed to keep a room’s temperature comfortable. Bigger area rugs have more of an effect, as they cover more floor space, and they also keep your feet warm when walking around your home. Rug materials such as thick wool or nylon offer the best warming results.

Reduces Echo And Noise

As those who live in an apartment building know, having a bare floor allows your neighbors to hear you loud and clear everytime you walk around. Adding some area rugs to high traffic areas help to reduce some of that sound, especially if you wear noisy shoes. Even a small area rug can create some noise reduction in apartments, and your neighbors will also benefit! In addition to reducing noise for your neighbors, area rugs also reduce the sound of echo in your home. Echoes can make a house feel empty and unwelcoming, but area rugs make the space feel much homier.


If you have a child or pet, area rugs allow them to play on the floor comfortably. Babies and young children love to crawl around and explore, but a bare floor is too hard on their hands and knees. A large area rug allows them to have play time with you in any room! Also, dogs are often very often active and love to play, and an area rug will not only provide you some comfort while playing with them but will protect your floors from scratches.

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