Area Rugs And Where To Use Them

Area rugs are a great addition to any room

Area rugs are a great addition to any room

Area rugs make a great addition to any living room or family room. A good area rug should provide comfort, warmth, and a decorative interest, whether it be color, pattern or texture. Think of an area rug as being similar to a piece of artwork you hang on the wall, as the rug should create a frame for the furniture and is used to define spaces.

Size Matters

A frequent mistake among area rugs is that they are often too small for the room. The rug should fit under all of the key furniture pieces in your room, including the coffee table, couch, and additional seating. The one exception is that the back legs of larger chairs can remain off of the rug, but all of the smaller pieces should remain entirely on the rug whenever possible.

In an average-sized living room, there should be a good 10-20 inches of floor between the rug and the wall, as to not make the area look cramped. Leaving this open floor space opens up the room, especially when the area rug is centered and the distance between the rug and wall is equal on all sides.

Statement Piece

Don’t shy away from color or pattern when choosing an area rug; they are meant to add some personality and fun into a room! A patterned rug should be seen, so before buying, consider the layout of your room. If the furniture covers up a majority of the design, you need to either rethink your furniture placement or rug choice.

Cleaning Tips

When deciding what area rug is right for you and your home, it is important to think about the maintenance that different rugs require. A medium-to-high pile rugs should be properly cleaned once a year, as vacuuming isn’t enough to remove all dust, hair, and allergens from the fabric. Low-pile and flatweave rugs should be cleaned outside often, and be shaken out to remove any dirt and dust lying on them.

Before buying your rug, check the cleaning instructions on the tag. Rugs made of natural fibers can’t really be cleaned, so big spills could result in permanent damage. If spills are bound to happen in your home, you may decide that this rug won’t be your best purchase. Never remove the tags with cleaning instructions when you buy a rug, as some rugs can last years and you don’t want to forget the correct way to keep it clean.

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