Is Bamboo a Durable Flooring Option?

Bamboo flooring’s popularity has grown nearly as fast as the plant itself does over the last few years. Designers and flooring installation experts were seeking an alternative to hardwood flooring that would be more affordable and quicker to produce, and they found it in bamboo. Bamboo stalks grow to maturity in as little as 3 years, unlike most trees, which can take a decade or more to reach that level. But aside from renewability, how does bamboo stack up against hardwood flooring? Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has the answer.

Bamboo, though it is commonly used as a “replacement” for hardwood flooring, is not technically a wood; it’s a grass. As such, making a grass as durable as hardwood flooring is a unique process that can yield varying results. Softer bamboo floorings might only be as durable as some of the softer wood types available, while if it is treated to be tougher, it could be even hardier than wood flooring. Bamboo’s durability depends largely on what kind of adhesive has been used to bind it together; the more adhesives, the tougher the flooring.

Just like hardwood flooring, bamboo can be installed in a number of different ways. The manner in which it is installed does not affect a bamboo floor’s durability. Strips of bamboo “wood” can be nailed, stapled, or glued down depending on the exact type of bamboo you have elected to use.

Bamboo flooring is a relatively less expensive flooring option, making it popular among homeowners who seek to achieve the same look as a hardwood floor without the price tag. Be sure when discussing with your flooring installation expert from Jim Boyd’s Flooring America to ask about the varying durability levels of bamboo floors so that you can select the right kind for you and your home.

Bamboo flooring durability

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