Best Flooring Options For Bedrooms

Choosing the right flooring for your bedroom is a very important decision.

Choosing the right flooring for your bedroom is a very important decision.

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and the flooring is an important aspect to consider. You want flooring that will be comfortable on bare feet, but you also want flooring that is attractive, durable and complements your room’s style. To help with this important decision, we’ve compiled the best flooring options for bedrooms and the advantages of each type.


Carpet is the most popular flooring options for bedrooms, and for a good reason. Carpeting is soft and warm, comes in almost any color or pattern you can imagine, budget-friendly and absorbs noise better than any other type of floor. One of the only disadvantages of carpeting is that it is harder to clean, and requires using a vacuum cleaner often. Also, cleaning up spilled liquids is far more difficult to get out of a carpet than most other flooring options.


Hardwood floors are also very popular, depending on a person’s preference. A real wood floor adds depth and beauty to a room and goes with any decor and furniture. Some of the most popular kinds of wood floors are ash, walnut, oak, and maple. While hardwood flooring is easier to clean than carpet, wood floors make much more noise. Noise in a home is a crucial factor, and walking on hardwood can easily wake up your family or pets.

Area Rugs

For those who like wood floors and carpeting, area rugs are the best of both worlds. They’re also perfect for apartment renters who can’t change their floors too much, as they can work over any flooring. If there is carpet in your bedroom that you aren’t fond of, you can layer area rugs over it to add some of your personality and style into the room. Also, area rugs are a great way to soften hard flooring, making it less noisy for your neighbors and more comfortable for your feet.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Eco-friendly flooring such as bamboo and cork flooring, are also great options for bedrooms. Bamboo flooring is stronger and harder than hardwood floors, making it a great alternative to your average wood floors. Also, there are many grain and color options available, making it easy to work with your bedroom style. While cork flooring is mainly used in kitchens, it can work for the bedroom as well since it is durable, comfortable to stand on and absorbs sound. This flooring also comes in a wide range of colors; however, there are a few downsides. Heavy furniture can leave permanent indentations in the flooring, and it tends to be on the more expensive side.

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