Carpet Replacement: When is the time right?

carpet-replacementIt’s finally springtime, and you’re probably getting ready to do some serious cleaning to usher in the sunshine and summertime. Making sure your carpet is in fantastic shape should rank highly on your spring cleaning list. Carpeting can be tough to keep clean, and winter snow, mud, and salt have probably done a number on your flooring. Here comes the tough decision. Do you repair, or replace? Carpets can be cleaned quite nicely, but when your carpet survives past a certain point, a professional cleaning won’t always do the trick. It can be tough to tell when your carpet has reached the point of no return. Look for a few tell-tale signs that it’s time for carpet replacement.

Too Many Tough Stains

Professional carpet cleaners have all the trick, tools, and solutions when it comes to removing tough stains from your carpeting. In most cases, they can restore a stained carpet to its former glory with the snap of a finger. There are some stains that even the pros can’t get rid of, though. Stains can set in to the deepest layers of your carpeting, and over time is just gets impossible to remove them. If you are constantly trying to cover tons of different carpet stains that just won’t go away, it may be time to skip the mess and invest in a new carpet. Once you’ve got a shiny new carpet, act fast on tough stains, and enlist the help of pros when you need it.

Wear and Literal Tear

Over time carpeting will lose its fluffy shape and bouncing texture. Years of foot traffic will do that any flooring. Take a step back and really think about your carpet. Sure it looks fine, but are there tears in places? Have little holes started developing? If your carpet looks its age, you may want to consider replacing it. Think about how nice it will be when you don’t have to worry about hiding tears in order to have company come over.

Water, Mildew, and Mold

Carpeting and the pads underneath it can be especially susceptible to water damage, as they easily retain liquid. This is even truer if your carpeting is in your basement, as that room tends to be the darkest, dampest, and most susceptible to issues like flooding. Check your carpet padding for signs of damage. If you notice unpleasant smells that just won’t go away, it is definitely time to replace your carpet.

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