Choosing the Right Area Rug: Size Matters!

As homeowners who opt for hardwood or tile flooring know, a great way to add a little extra visual interest to a room is with an area rug. The right rug can break up a room, add texture and color, and serve as a focal point. But when you’re choosing the right area rug, you have to consider more than whether or not it matches the rest of your furnishings- you need to worry about the size! Having an area rug that is slightly too small or just too big can throw off the balance of a room. Luckily for you, finding an area rug that is just right is easy with custom area rugs from Jim Boyd’s Flooring America!

Custom Area Rugs are Guaranteed to Fit

Getting the measurements right for an area rug may seem like a relatively small detail, but in fact, it is incredibly important. One of the main reasons that people use area rugs, in addition to adding to their home’s aesthetic appeal, is to protect flooring in highly-trafficked areas. Places such as entry ways, staircase landings, and hallways are used very often, and subsequently, the wear and tear on your flooring in these places is expedited compared to the rest of it. Uneven fading and scratching is something you definitely want to avoid, and so an area rug is the ideal way to deal with this issue. However, if the area rug does not sufficiently cover the area you are trying to protect, it could end up looking just as worn after a while as it would have without a rug. With a custom area rug, you are guaranteed to get the coverage you need, all while beautifying your home!

Custom Area Rugs and Carpets in BaltimoreJim Boyd’s Flooring America

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