Common Carpet Problems and How to Solve Them

common carpet problems

There are some problems you may experience after installing carpet in your home.

Whether you have had your carpet installed in your home for a few weeks, months, or years, there may be come problems you have that need to be solved. Well, instead of buying new carpet, how about just fixing the problems? Let’s take a look at some common carpet problems and how to solve them.

Buckles and Ripples

If your carpet has been exposed to moisture, you may have noticed a reaction like buckling or rippling. This happens when the natural fibers in the carpet start to shrink while the synthetic backing expands. If this happens to your carpet, it is important to make sure all of the water is dried from the carpet. Once it is dry, your carpet should go back to normal. If not, you may need to call a carpet repair specialist.

Shredding and Fluffing

This is a normal problem for new carpets. It is actually the small balls of carpet that are left over from the manufacturing process. It is not harmful and can be solved by vacuuming. But it will take one to two months before this problem dissipates.

Depressions and Indentations

This problem can occur when heavy objects like furniture is places on the carpet for long periods of time. Heavy furniture can cause permanent marks in the carpet but there is one simple remedy to the problem: moving the furniture. You should move your furniture a few inches every few months to avoid this problem. To get rid of this problem, moisten the affected areas and it will bounce back to normal.

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