Give your Room a Makeover with a New Area Rug

area-rug-designChoosing the right area rug for your space is like choosing a good piece of art. If you get it right it can really add to the look of a room and tie together your design. There are essentially an unlimited amount of styles, colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect area rug to accent your décor. Area rugs aren’t purely visual points of interest; they serve an important purpose. It’s important to find an area rug that creates the perfect marriage of style and function.

Choosing a good size for your area rug

When purchasing an area rug consider the space you are looking to spruce. This is where size comes in to play. A general rule of thumb is to go big rather than small. Area rugs that are too small can make a room look choppy. Measure your space before you shop to make sure that you choose the right size. If your furniture is pushed up against the wall, it’s okay to have a rug that falls in front of them, but if your furniture is floating, go for a larger area rug.

Adding color with your area rug

You can play with the design of your room by choosing the right area rug. If you want your room’s other accessories to pop, stick with a neutral tone. This will take the focus off of your area rug, and draw attention to the color in things like picture frames, throw pillows, art, and furniture.

Pay attention to the hue of your wood floors or tiles. Certain area rugs can look amazing on darker woods, but fade into the background on lighter floors. Be conscious of this when shopping and try to find a rug that will create a harmonious contrast.

Use your area rug to bring brightness and color into your space, but try not to create a clashing combo. If your room is primarily black, choose a rug that uses bright colors but has a small amount of black to maintain consistency. This will make sure your rug shares a design commonality with the room, while still bringing in something completely new.

Even though there is a lot to consider in terms of design, the most important thing about your new area rug is that you like it. If you find a rug that truly sparks your imagination or inspires you, splurge on it and use it as a jumping off point for a room re-design.

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