How to Choose Carpet from a Small Sample

Carpet samples

Before deciding on a carpet, let’s take a look at your decision based on carpet samples.

Once you know what you have in mind for your brand new carpet, you have to decide what exactly you want for your carpet and pick a specific carpet and color to install. Unlike painting your room a new color, where you can paint a swatch of any size and see how it looks, choosing carpet from a small board of samples can be overwhelming and stressful. How can you make the right choice before you install?

Come Prepared

If you already have existing room elements picked out (or already in your possession), bring along samples of these choices when you go to look at carpet options. Don’t be afraid to bring along a throw pillow, a cushion from your sofa, a fabric swatch of the beautiful drapes you picked out—anything that you’ve already chosen that will help narrow down your carpet choices.

You Can Take It With You

Make sure that you don’t commit to a carpet color the first time you see it in store. Ask your salesperson for a small sample of the carpet that you can take home with you to see how it looks in your space. Many times, colors that you loved in store may seem dull in your home (and vice versa).

Lie Down

Look at the carpet swatch in all of the rooms or areas in which it will be installed to see how it fits the space and how it looks at different times of the day. Put the carpet on the floor, where it will spend the rest of its life, instead of simply holding it up to the painted walls or laying it on your sofa to see how it matches. This is the only way to make sure you can see it accurately.

Got a Light?

The biggest thing that will affect how your carpet looks is the lighting you use to look at it. The overhead fluorescent lighting of the carpet store is probably not what you have throughout your home. As a result, it is especially important to make sure you view the carpet sample in the lighting it will be seen under every day. Natural lighting can change the appearance of your bedroom carpet, so make sure you like it at night when artificial lighting is used and in the natural sunlight of the morning.

Take Your Time

While you might feel like you are in a time crunch to pick the perfect carpet color for your home, it is crucial that you take your time when picking the color. Leave the sample in place for a day or a week and see how you like it. Look at the carpet every time you enter the room and see if your feelings change over time. Sometimes, a color your husband loved but you initially hated will grow on you. Other times, the bright bold choice you loved might become an eyesore. Don’t be afraid to take some time before making the final choice.

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