How To Choose The Right Color Carpet

Choosing the right color carpet can be difficult, let us help!

Choosing the right color carpet can be difficult, let us help!

Carpeting is one of the most difficult parts of decorating a room because of all the decisions there are to make. Everything from the style of the carpet, pattern, fiber type, quality, and the most difficult of all, color. Choosing the right color carpet is often very difficult when trying to visualize a small swatch of color taking up a much larger space. If you’re unsure how to pick the right color that will work for your residential or commercial space, keep reading for a few tips on how to find the perfect carpet.

Starting From Scratch?

If you’re decorating a new room completely, you actually shouldn’t choose the color of the carpet first. The color of your furniture, particularly a sofa, should be the first color you pick. Since the color options for sofas are very limited, and you do not want to have picked out a carpet and paint color only to find that your sofa will not match the room. You should choose the carpet color second, and the paint color last. This is because paint colors can be almost any color you imagine, so it is the easiest to match when redecorating a room from scratch.

Bring The Swatch Home

Once you find swatches of a few carpet colors you like and think will match your room, bring a sample of the carpet home. When you view colors in a store with overhead fluorescent lighting, they will likely look very different in your home or commercial space. Compare the color to your furniture, pillows, and drapes to see how the color will really look with the room’s lighting.  And while holding the swatch up to the furniture can be helpful when comparing colors, don’t forget to lay the sample of the floor where the final carpet will be. This will help you get a feel for how the room will truly look once completed.

Keep It Neutral

Neutral colors are best for almost every space because they are easy to maintain and do not need to be replaced as often as bolder colors that go in and out of style every few years.  Also, your type of lifestyle should be a major factor in your carpet color decision. White carpets and children or pets don’t mix and should be avoided at all costs. Also, dark colors show more lint, dust, and debris than mid-tone colors. Although neutral colors may not be the most exciting, neutral carpets can still stand out by choosing one with an interesting texture.

Call Us for the Perfect Carpet Color

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