How To Dry Wet Carpet

Cleaning wet carpet

Do you know the proper steps to take when a water damage event happens on your carpet?

A water damage event can happen at any time in your home, whether from a burst pipe or external flooding. When the event happens in a carpeted room, it can be a challenge to know the right steps to take to dry the carpet. When a water damage event happens in your home, remember that the most important thing you can do is to fix the problem as soon as possible, or else your home is at risk for further damage. Here are the steps you need to know when you come home to a flood and need to dry your carpet.

Clear Wet Area

After you locate the source of the leak and make sure it has stopped, the next thing you must do is clear all furniture and items from the wet area. Moving furniture off of the carpet makes it much easier to deal with, and it prevents further damage to your items and carpeting.

Remove Water

If the area is small, start cleaning by using towels to soak up the excess water. If the area is larger, such as a carpeted basement, you’ll need a wet vacuum to begin to clear out the water. A large commercial fan or dehumidifier should also be rented and used to assist with water extraction. If the carpet padding is only wet and not soaked, the drying process will likely take 24 to 48 hours.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth, also known as cat sand, is a helpful next step in extracting water from your carpet. The natural, non-toxic substance will absorb a lot of the water. Once it’s poured over the carpet (use a liberal amount), a rake or broom can be used to move it around until the carpet is primarily dry. Diatomaceous Earth can actually be used again, once it is swept up and dried- as long as there is no other debris it it.


Once you think the carpet is dry, you’ll want to perform a test to be certain. Walk on the wet area, and if you feel any wetness under your feet or hear any water sloshing underneath, the water is still beneath the carpet in the padding or subfloor. In this instance, a small area can be lifted and dried with fans. If a large area still has extensive soaking, your carpet may need to be entirely replaced.

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