How to find cushioned carpet

carpet cushion

As the cooler seasons of Fall and Winter come our way, you may want to add extra warmth to your home.

A easy and cost effective way you can add warmth is with a carpet installation.

When we think interior design warmth, we think of decor items that add comfort, softness and an overall welcoming feeling.

With carpet padding/ cushioned carpet you can reap the benefits of carpet with family in mind.

Carpet padding/ cushioned carpet can help you enhance your carpet durability , foot comfort and  the life span of your carpet.

There are  so many types of carpet padding at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America and they come with so many great carpet benefits.

Here are some common benefits carpet padding can offer:

– Reduce indoor noise. Yes, that means no loud footsteps.
– Reduce risk of walking fatigue.
– Easier vacuuming because carpet padding helps improves air flow/ air circulation.
– Reduce heat loss of your home. Never again will you feel the need to put sleepers on just to head to the restroom or kitchen in the middle of the night. You’ll have enough warmth for bare feet.

The perfect carpet padding for your home will all depend on the thickness
and material you desire.

You can purchase the following types of carpet padding:

– Bonded polyurethane foam
-Prime polyurethane foam
– Rubber padding
– Fiber padding

The most popular carpet padding for residential buildings is the bonded polyurethane.

Conserve more energy in your home this cold season without sacrificing your warmth .

We are here to add more beauty and style to your home decor.

Personalize your interior design today with our carpet options.

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