How to keep the home cozy with carpet and flooring


Residential Carpet Installations

Are you moving into a new home this winter? Then one of your top priorities will be setting up your home to be a cozy home. How can you make your new home your coziest home? You have to identify how to make grand rooms or rooms with a cold draft as warm as you possibly can. Your home should never feel drafty; your home should feel extra warm, welcoming and comfortable. In fact, your home is designed for you to live in it while sustaining its attractiveness.

You can accomplish both with quality carpet, flooring and cozy furniture. When purchasing furniture for the new place, can you see yourself comfortably curling up in it? The coziest furniture seating on the market are deep in cushion seating. With this type of ergonomic seating, you can enjoy watching movies, reading a book or drinking your favorite tea or coffee. To put it simple, it’s seating made for you to curl up.

Next, you need to have carpet and flooring installed that you love to touch with your hands, feet and body parts as a whole. One thing that makes moving around in the home difficult, especially on cold mornings waking up, is not having enough warmth. You can resolve this problem by placing pattern rugs throughout your home. Area rugs can go on top of any hard floor surface or you can have warm carpets installed in particular rooms of your home.  Jot down your lifestyle routines to identify whether you should have more carpet or more hard flooring in your home prior to scheduling a floor or carpet installation. You may also want to consider using area rugs as center pieces of particular rooms to make a sophisticated home decor statement.

Remember, for a warmer home, you will want as much carpet in your home as possible. Hard flooring is naturally colder than carpeting.

Some hard floors that are particularly cold are hardwood floors, tile, and linoleum flooring.

Here are Jim Boyd’s Flooring America, we can provide you both green flooring and carpet ( yes, we have available custom rugs) options.

Take a look at our gallery of custom rugs and green flooring to see what type of home flooring and carpeting solutions we can provide to you.

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