How to Prevent Carpets from Fading

fading carpet

While a sunny space is beautiful, those rays can actually ruin your carpet. Let’s take a look at some ways you can avoid fading carpet.

Like any fabric and like many types of flooring, carpet gradually loses its color over the years. While this is part of the normal aging process, there are several different ways that you can prevent fading from causing you to replace your carpet before you’re ready.

What Causes Fading?

Before you treat fading in your carpet, you need to recognize the causes of the fading. Artificial lights like halogen and fluorescent lights can gradually bleach the color from your carpets. This happens over a period of years, so it may be hard to notice if you see it every day. Carpets can also fade from chemical reactions to various household products like acne medications, hair dyes, pet hair treatments, and different types of carpet cleaners. More than anything else, sunlight will fade your carpet.

Reduce Light

The most obvious way to prevent sunlight from fading your carpet is by reducing the sunlight that shines on your carpet! While everyone loves natural lighting, it will gradually strip the color from your flooring. Close the shades when you aren’t home and invest in drapes or curtains that you like. Awnings or overhangs on the outside of your house can also reduce the light coming inside your home.

Keep Yourself Clean

While you may already know to keep your carpet clean, you might not realize that it’s equally important to keep yourself clean. Chemicals that we handle every day, including things you use in the shower or apply to your body, cling to your feet and hands long after you’re dong using them. The chemicals your athlete’s foot cream and acne medication leave behind could be culprits for the color leaving your carpet. Wash your hands regularly and wear socks or slippers whenever possible.

Don’t Wait to Treat

Your friend came over and spilled some wine or your daughter accidentally sat on some Cheetos that are now embedded in your carpet. Don’t wait until later to treat carpet stains. Some solutions can bleach or remove color from sections of your carpet, like animal urine or acidic fluids. When an accident happens, don’t wait too late to remove the stain.

Prevent the Fade and Stay in the Shade

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