Is Carpet Dyeing A Good Option For You?

If your carpet is faded, discolored, or stained, you have the option to get it dyed instead of replacing the carpet.

If your carpet is faded, discolored, or stained, you have the option to get it dyed instead of replacing the carpet.

Did you know that most existing carpeting in homes can be dyed? Over time, almost all rugs get faded, discolored, or stained, and need to be replaced. However, if the flooring is still in good shape and simply needs a fresh coat of color, carpet dyeing can be an excellent option for you. Before making your decision, ask yourself these questions and talk to a carpet professional to know if carpet dyeing is for you, or if it should be replaced.

Replace Or Dye?

If your rug is made from high-quality materials and is less than ten years old, it’s rare that it would need a replacement. If the flooring is simply faded, then it is likely that carpet dye is the best option for you. Carpets may become faded from stains, accidents from pets that aren’t yet potty trained, or even from too much sun.

On the other hand, carpet dyeing may not be the right choice for your rug. Some carpeting may not last for another year, even if you dye it. Also, some rugs need to be stretched out or have to go through cut-and-plug repair for certain stains. A carpet professional will be able to tell you what decision is right for your specific flooring, so be sure to have an experienced professional take a look before making the final decision.

Benefits of Carpet Dyeing

If it turns out that carpet dyeing is a good option for you, you should know about all the benefits the process provides. First, dyeing your rug is an easier, efficient, and cost-effective way of restoring old carpeting. On average, carpet dyeing is about a third of the cost of a full replacement, which can save homeowners a lot of money if multiple carpets need to be dyed. Also, carpet dyeing specialists are trained in color coordination concepts, so you’ll feel confident about the color matching and appearing as if it’s part of the original flooring.

Spot Control and Re-Coloring

Carpet dyeing specialists have been properly trained and know the many unique techniques that make the dye work seamlessly with your original carpeting. If your carpet has stains that you want dyed to match the rest of the flooring, an expert knows that the fabric has to be offset by a counteracting color. This takes a lot of training and knowledge, and can only be done by a professional. Carpet dyeing can also be used to recolor the whole rug. This is another concept that requires skill and knowledge in color coordination. If you want a recolor, you should be aware that rugs can’t be tinted to a lighter color, so they can only be a darker shade than the original.

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