Is Spring the Best Time to Replace Your Residential Carpet?

A new residential carpet

Spring is a great time to consider replacing your residential carpet.

The warm weather is coming, and that usually is a sign that your annual spring cleaning will soon be taking place. Aside from the tasks of cleaning your home, gutting the closets and basement of unwanted rubbish, and perhaps tackling yard work to beautify your outdoor landscapes, why not take the spring cleaning mindset one step further? The winter months can cause all types of wear and tear on a residential carpet, and it may be time to consider replacing yours. Here are a few signs that spring might be the best time to consider that new carpet you’ve been considering.

Winter’s Wear and Tear

Even if you live in the most temperate of areas, the cold winter months will no doubt lead to foot traffic bringing in outdoor grime, debris, and fresh stains to your home’s carpeting. But if your residential carpet suffered even worse — large tears, noticeably matted areas, and overall wearing down, you may want to consider a starting fresh with a completely new carpet. While smaller rips can be patched up with quick-fixes, high-volume foot traffic, such as on your staircase or nearest the front and back doors, may require a true overhaul.

Excessive Staining

Homeowners know that keeping a residential carpet free of stains is nearly impossible over time: foot traffic, young children, and pets can all lead to the occasional spill. But it is during the winter months that excessive staining can truly cause significant damage to your carpeting. Snow always finds a way to be tracked back into the house and — especially if you live in an area where snowfall is particularly frequent during the colder months — rock salt and other shoveling or melting agents tend to find their way underfoot. If you’re finding those seasonal stains larger or harder to remove, spring could prove the ideal time to install a fresh new carpet to those problem areas.

Health Concerns

If your residential carpet has been through years of the change in seasons, it also means that possible allergens have built up within the fibers over time. Older carpets are especially vulnerable to catching and keeping pollen and dust mites, which are a real threat to your family’s overall health — especially in the face of allergies and asthma. If you’re noticing possible health concerns due to the age of your carpet, it might be a good idea to use this year’s spring cleaning to install something new and fresh.

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