Keeping Carpet Clean- Even with Thanksgiving Guests

Thanksgiving Day means a lot of great things: family, food, and celebrating the good things in life. But it also means a day where dozens of guests with goodness knows what on their shoes are walking in and around your home on your beautiful new carpet! A houseful of party guests can be a daunting prospect for your carpet to face, but if you take just a few precautions and follow these tips, you can ensure your carpet makes it through Thanksgiving looking as good as new.

 Protecting Your Carpet from Tracked-in Dirt

 One of the biggest “danger zones” for your carpet on Thanksgiving Day will be at the main entrance of your house. Since guests will immediately be entering from outdoors there, that is where you will most likely find dirt and mud being tracked inside. To help combat this, set out a welcome mat on the outside of your doorway and an area rug right on to inside of it. This way, you have double the protection! Guests will be encouraged to wipe the bottom of their shoes off on the welcome mat and then any leftover dirt or debris will be caught by the area rug on the interior of your home. This will greatly reduce your chances of having to deal with tracked-in dirt overall.

ltimore Carpet Installation Protecting Your Carpet from Food Stains

 Thanksgiving is a day centered on a huge meal, complete with cranberry sauce, gravy, red wine, and a whole host of other things that could potentially stain your carpet. In order to limit your chances of encountering a stain, try to make sure that all of the food and drink serving takes place over a table or countertop—don’t offer to refill a wine glass in the middle of the living room! Have stain-fighting standards, such as club soda, on hand to treat spills in an emergency, and above all else, don’t panic if a spill does happen. You don’t want to ruin the party mood!

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