Prepare for Fall with Carpeting and Custom Rugs

It may seem hard to believe, but fall is just around the corner. Though some of our favorite things come hand-in-hand with fall, like cozy sweaters, mugs of hot chocolate, and the beautiful changing leaves, something else that’s not so nice is a part of fall as well: cold weather! With the change in seasons comes a serious dip in temperatures, which can end up translating to a higher cost for those homeowners trying to keep their houses warm. But before you crank up the heating and your energy bill along with it, consider that there is an alternative: new flooring!

Carpeting and Custom Rugs

Certain types of flooring are simply better heat conductors than others. To figure out which ones, think of the kinds of things that keep you warm. Remember that cozy sweater we talked about before? Just as a thick cardigan can keep out the chill for you, so can carpeting for your house! Carpeting is a good insulator, meaning that it traps in heat rather than repels it; this can help keep your entire home warmer. With custom carpeting from Jim Boyd’s Flooring America, you can save on your overall energy bill because you won’t need to run your heating early on in the season!

Do you like the idea of saving some money, but prefer other types of flooring to carpeting? You can still reap the same kinds of benefits with another feature: custom rugs! Custom rugs don’t replace your hardwood or tile flooring outright, but they do add a fun and colorful accent to a room. What’s more, they act just like carpeting, trapping heat in and keeping your home warmer in general. You can remove the rugs once it is summer again, but with a unique pattern and color scheme that you personalize, we think you’ll want to keep your custom rug out all year long!

Carpets for Warmth
Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to provide you practical carpeting and other great flooring options. We want to assist you in creating the home of your dreams. Yes, eco-friendly flooring and carpeting is available.

Here at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America we only offer quality carpet. If you want to get your money’s worth on carpeting, see what we have to offer.

Come pick out your durable flooring and carpet today. Here are samples of our home carpet and home flooring options.

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