Signs You Need New Carpet for Your Residential Home

New Carpets for your home

Replacing an old carpet can give your home a new look and can help keep your family allergy free!

In a normal household of two to four people, the average carpet will have a lifespan of three to five years. But how do you know when you need to replace your residential carpeting? Well, we have some signs you should look for!

Avoid the Hazards of Stains

Accidents do happen. Whether your overly excited dog had an accident on the carpet or your kids were horsing around and knocked over a glass of soda, your carpet has probably incurred many different stains over its life in your house.  But when carpet cleaning doesn’t remove the stains and you have to add furniture to the area to hide them, you should think about replacing your carpet. Biological stains like urine and vomit can be easy to clean up if you act fast, but if accidents happen and are not cleaned up right away, these substances can soak into the carpet padding. As they soak into the padding, these biological stains can lead to mold and mildew under your carpets. If you notice several stains on the carpet, it may be best to replace the carpet to avoid these health hazards.

The Smell

Owning a pet or simply living your life with a carpet under your feet can cause a smell if it is not cleaned regularly. If you notice an odor, you should first hire a cleaning service to deep clean your carpet. If you still notice an odor from the area, it could mean your carpet fibers, padding, and subfloor have been affected by the odor and could even indicate you have mold or mildew growing under your carpets.

Wheezing and Sneezing

If your family starts to show increased symptoms of allergies, it could be time to replace the carpet in your residential home. Carpets act like an air filter in your home, catching all of the allergens in your home’s air. But when carpets get older, they tend to retain the allergens instead of releasing them to the pressure of the vacuum. These allergens can built up and cause symptoms in your family.


If you have noticed your carpet’s padding isn’t as “fluffy” as it used to be, it is time to replace it. The padding in the carpet works as buffer to muffle sounds, improves insulation, keeps spills off of the subfloor, and keeps the carpets comfortable. Without proper padding your carpet will feel dull and uncomfortable. If you notice wrinkles, unevenness, or a “crinkling” sound, your carpet and padding should be replaced to avoid damage to the subflooring underneath.

Wear and Tear

Carpets go through a lot of stuff in your home. From spills to muddy shoes and kids trampling through your home, carpets take a lot of abuse. So when your carpet looks tired and like it has seen better days, it is time to replace it. Matting, tears, and significant wear are just some of the signs you will notice if your carpet has been subject to wear and tear.

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