Six Signs You Should Replace Your Carpet

New Carpet

Have you thought about whether or not your need a new carpet?

While proper maintenance can drastically extend the longevity of your carpet, no carpet lasts forever and all of them will eventually require replacement. Some of the signs that you need to replace your carpet are obvious while others are less in your face. Take a hard look at your carpet while keeping your eyes peeled for these six signs if you think it may be time to replace your carpet.

There Are Unremovable Stains In Your Carpet

If you find yourself trying to hide stains in your carpet with throw rugs and furniture after carpet cleaning fails to remove them, it is definitely time to replace your carpet. Most carpets come with a stain resistant finish, but after time, this wears away. If this finish has worn away on your carpet, it’s time to consider replacement.

Excessive Wear And Tear  

If your carpet has matted pieces, significant tears, and looks incredibly worn, it is time start to think about replacing your carpet. While small rips and tears can be repaired easily, an excessively torn carpet in a highly trafficked place, such as a staircase, can be dangerous and requires that you replace your carpet.  

Carpet Odor

If your carpet smells off, even after cleaning, this means that the odor has penetrated deeply into the fibers of the carpet, and it will stick around until you replace your carpet.

The Carpet Padding Is In Poor Condition

Carpet padding supports carpets and makes them comfortable and plush to walk and lay on. However, carpet padding can also absorb spills and dirt over time, as cleaning a carpet does not necessarily clean the padding. Signs of old padding can be wrinkles, unevenness, and crinkling when the carpet is stepped on.

An Increase In Allergy Symptoms

Older carpets can catch and absorb allergens and particulate matter over time, which can exacerbate allergies. If you find your allergies aggravated, it may be time to replace your carpet.

An Old Carpet

With the right care, carpet can last up to ten years. If you bought an old house that still has it’s original carpeting, or yours has not been updated in decades and has become difficult to clean and maintain, it is recommended that you replace your carpet.

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