The Soundproofing Power of Carpeting

Hard floors are protective and sturdy, but not fit for every situation.  They allow for a lot of echoing, which can really disturb people in the workplace or home.  It can really be worth your time to consider carpeting for its noise reduction and aesthetic capabilities.  Silent footsteps can improve the focus of those around you, especially in busy offices where coworkers and visitors pass through on a regular basis.  In addition to this, carpeting can reduce the impact of ambient noises around the office by absorbing the sounds.

Soundproofing-CarpetThe Silent Treatment

The soundproofing capacity of carpets extends not only through the room or rooms where the carpet is installed, but out and through different spaces in the building.  Thumping footsteps from above can be silenced with carpeting, as can objects that fall onto the floor.  This affects the people below the office or apartment, since only heavy objects will make a significant impact on carpeting and bother the people underneath.  Footstep sounds can be reduced by as much as 34 decibels, while laminated floors only reduce sound by up to six decibels.  This gives you an idea of how much soundproofing a carpet can actually provide.  Carpets halve the amount of sound over the reduction by hard flooring.  Even outdoor noise is less with carpeting, and the sound waves don’t bounce around the room as much.  This gives everyone in the house a break from car engines, airplanes, or even loud pets.

How it Works

Carpets reduce the length of time a sound reflects around the room, creating a noise cancellation effect that dampens the sound and reduces the distortion caused by echoes.  This is the reason why even commercial airplanes carry carpeted interiors.  Carpeting works as a sound insulator the in a similar way that blankets insulate heat.  It absorbs some of the sound waves and disperses them, meaning that there’s less sound to bounce around the room.  By insulating against sound from all sides, carpeting’s soundproofing effect creates more comfort for everyone inside the room.

Other Great Effects

Noise cancellation from carpeting is only one of the useful advantages of carpeting.  Carpets are also softer, meaning that feet make less of an impact and won’t hurt as much from sustained walking.  In addition to dampening the sounds of impact, a carpet will absorb the hit of a falling object better than hard floors.  This means that a falling heirloom is more likely to survive if something accidentally knocks it off its perch.

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