The Benefits Of Good Carpet Padding

Installing a new carpet? If yes, once you have found the perfect carpet you will need some good padding to go with it. Do not use the old carpet padding or none at all. You’ll regret it! If you don’t know why good carpet padding is a necessity, read now to learn about the good reasons to use carpet padding.

Using old carpet padding is never a wise decision because it has become broken down with age. If you lift your old carpet up, you will find that the padding is crumbling. This will result in little to no actual padding left for your carpet.

With good padding you will notice most that your new carpet is more comfortable to walk on because carpet padding provides cushion and helps reduce the pressure on the carpet. This reduction in pressure will make your carpet feel better, thicker, softer, and give your carpet more spring.

Another great benefit of good carpet padding is its ability to act as a sound buffer. Your room will not only be quieter but warmer because it helps your carpet hold heat better.

Carpet padding also allows your carpet to breath better making it easier for your vacuum to clean your carpet.  When the carpet is vacuumed, the extra air space will allow the vacuum to pull up more dust and dirt that collects in the carpet. Less dirt in your carpet means less abrasion and wear that will make your carpet last longer because of the carpet padding.

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Source: Carpet Padding: Why You Need To Use Good Padding

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