The Importance Of Carpet Padding

Carpet padding

Learn why carpet padding is one the most important steps in a new carpet installation.

Although carpet padding is unseen, it’s a crucial part of every wall-to-wall carpeting project. Carpet padding, or underlay, is used to protect your flooring and serves as the foundation for new carpets. The padding acts as a shield for the underside of your carpet to keep it from wearing against the bare floor and protects your flooring from heavy furniture and foot traffic. Continue reading for some more helpful purposes of carpet padding and why you need it for your new carpet installation!

Purposes Of Carpet Padding

In addition to protecting your floors, carpet padding is useful for a variety of other purposes. For instance, the padding helps to create a more comfortable carpet, so it is softer to walk on. Also, a carpet pad helps to make vacuuming your carpet much more efficient. With padding, your vacuum can raise the carpet slightly while cleaning to remove dirt that gets trapped underneath, which also help to reduce allergies in your home.

Padding provides thermal insulation and blocks the drafts that can break through average carpeting. Pads are better at keeping heat from passing through, so your floors will remain warmer in the colder months. Also, if you live in an apartment with others below you or are installing carpet in a room upstairs, carpet padding is a must. The pads help to dampen sound more than a carpet on its own, so you can save your neighbors or family some headaches by reducing the sound of loud floors.

Carpet Padding Materials

Most carpet pads are made from basic materials, such as rubber, foam, or fiber. Within each material, there are a few different types of padding you can choose.

  • Foam: There are three types of foam pads, including prime polyurethane foam, bonded polyurethane foam, and froth polyurethane foam. Prime foam is the same foam that’s used in upholstered furniture and mattresses but is a firmer version. Bonded foam is made by combining chopped and shredded pieces of form into one piece. Froth foam is dense and thick and is usually used in commercial spaces with a lot of carpeting.
  • Rubber: There are two types of rubber pads. Waffle rubber is made with natural and synthetic rubber and creates a soft and resilient cushion. Flat sponge rubber is firm and dense and is typically used in commercial buildings with loop type carpeting.
  • Fiber: This type of carpet pad uses existing fibers that interlock into a sheet of felt. Natural fiber pads are made of felt, animal hair, and jute. Synthetic fibers pads are dense and firm, including nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and acrylics. They are classified by the foot traffic they can withstand depending on how they’re made.

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