Tips for Preparing Your Home for Carpet Installation

New Carpet

Preparing to install new carpeting in your home? Follow these handy tips to ensure a smooth transition.

Now that you have chosen new carpet and carpet padding for your home, it is time to prepare for your professional installation. To make this installation as smooth as possible, let’s take a look at some pre-installation tips to get you ready.


When preparing your home for carpet installation, there are several things you should do. It is important to remember that installing new carpet in your home is like any other type of construction project. It is important for you to prepare for noise, strong odors, and some mess.

  • Before the installers arrive at your home, make sure your pets and children are attended to and in a safe place away from the work area. If there are people in your home with respiratory concerns or who are sensitive to dust and allergens, then it is recommended they avoid the area until work is complete.
  • All wet construction jobs like paint, drywall, and plaster must be finished at least 24 hours before carpet installation.
  • If you have large appliances in the area where the floor is being installed, make sure arrangements have been made with the installers for them to be shut off and moved during installation.
  • Ensure all of your electronics and breakables have been moved to a safe location and are moved prior to the installers arriving at your home.
  • Baseboards and moldings can be left in place for more installations, but may be damaged during the process. If you are worried about these features, it may be better to remove them.
  • Remove all hanging objects from your home including shelves, book cases, and pictures.

During Installation

When the installers arrive at your home, it is important to have an adult that is over the age of 18 on sight to make decisions if necessary. It is also important to have the temperature of your home between 60 and 80 degrees so make sure your air conditioner or heating system is working properly during the installation. If there is damaged to the subfloors, additional work may be required. The damaged subflooring may have to removed and replaced or simply repaired, but this may mean additional charges for your installation.

After Carpet Installation

After the carpet has been installed, the next step is to do a complete and thorough inspection before the installer leaves for the day. After installation, it is your responsibility to clean the carpet thoroughly so make sure you have a vacuum on the premises. Many carpets omit a chemical after the installation so make sure your home has properly ventilation for at least 72 hours after the installation and use fans when necessary.

With these steps, your home will be ready for carpet installation in no time. For more information on preparing for your carpet installation, call Jim Boyd’s Flooring America today!

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