What Are The Best Carpet Patterns For Interiors?

When it comes to purchasing carpet for your interior design, you need to consider carpet patterns.

This goes beyond style. When you properly match a carpet pattern with carpet color, you can truly improve your carpet life and your home interior design.

A patterned carpet can disguise dirt better than a solid color, if you’re not able to clean your carpet immediately. But there are some things you should know about patterned carpet prior to purchase.

For one, the patterned carpet must be matched at the seams to give off a wholesome feel. The patterned carpet should use both light and dark combinations as well to better camouflage spills.

Avoid using carpet patterns that blend colors because they can make spills extremely obvious.

It is also very important to pick a good carpet color that works well with regional temperatures.

In fact, dirt color can vary region to region for carpeting. For example, carpet dirt in cold regions is likely to have traces of salt because of winter weather. In wet regions, people are more likely to drag in mud. No matter where you live, you will want a color that will make it hard for dirt to be highly visible between cleanings.

Other factors you should keep in mind are sunlight damage and interior pollutants. Too much exposure to these elements will make a carpet fade quickly.

Last but not least, pick a carpet that fits your personality and the personality of the area it will be installed within. Some carpets are good for specific rooms, while other carpets are great for hallways.

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