What are the Best Carpet Selections for Home Living?


Are you redesigning your home interior design? One of the best features you can add to a home design is carpet. Carpet installation work best in rooms with high foot traffic in the home. The living room is a great room for carpet installation as the living room requires durable flooring solutions.

People in the home want good under footing when traveling through busy rooms. We are here to help you decide on the best carpets.

If you need a fresh, yet bold look to your home interior design, you cannot go wrong with caret made from wool and nylon. A colorful carpet such as a dark purple or deep blue. Guests to your home can appreciate a colorful, beautiful, durable carpet.

For homeowners that prefer neutral carpeting, you may want to consider earthy tone carpeting. There’s something wonderful about a room that is warm and welcoming in color scheme as well as space. Earth tone carpets are usually made from wool and the texture has a knitted feel. For example, a light green carpet can add the perfect contemporary feel to any room in the home.

As for play rooms in the home, always go for patterns and bold colors. For example, dots and square patterns look absolutely fabulous. The patterns and bold colors make a play room or entertainment space very inviting.

For dining areas, consider the stripe effect. It will not only calm the room atmosphere but also give the space welcoming look.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to provide you practical carpeting and other great flooring options. We want to assist you in creating the home of your dreams. Yes, eco-friendly flooring and carpeting is available.

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