What Commercial Carpet Colors Say About You

Colorful carpets

Choosing the right commercial carpet color can be a reflection on you and your space.

When designing your commercial space, there are endless options over the carpet colors. It can be tricky to select something that is not only classy and elegant, but also a good reflection on your and the nature of your business. Then, there are the psychological aspects of what different colors represent. Here are a few things to consider when selecting your commercial carpet.

Color and Its Meaning

Much has been written about the effects that color can have on setting mood and dictating emotions and work ethic — and it’s true! Aside from wanting to select a commercial carpet color that is stylish and matches your space’s motif, you’ll want to keep in mind each color’s specific moods. Red is a very intense color and can motivate people to be productive, especially when integrated with the overall motif of your space. Diverse shades of blue is often regarded a good color choice since, aside from its links to reliability, loyalty, and trustworthiness, is believed to having a calming effect. Brown is usually regarded as a neutral color and signifies strength, endurance, and (on the design side) is easily adaptable to other, primary color choices.

Color and Its Practicality

Aside from a color’s meaning, there is always the all-important aspect of the carpet’s usage. You’ll still need to match up your commercial carpet to the rest of the space, and be aware that there is going to be a good amount of foot traffic. This is when brighter colors really come into play, since fading and staining can really take their toll on a lighter-color carpet. Tan, beige, pastel shades and — the very worst — white can be damaged pretty quickly. If your personal favorite color is pink, light blue, or lavender, you can still integrate those shades throughout the space — just not along the floor.

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