Why Should You Choose Natural Wool Carpeting?

Natural Wool Carpeting

Natural wool carpeting is one of the best natural carpeting options around.

Natural wool carpeting has become increasing more popular thanks to consumers like you who are looking for a more natural, chemical-free, sustainable carpet. Natural wool carpeting is more expensive but is an excellent choice if you want a luxuriously beautiful carpeting. So why should you choose natural wool carpeting? Read on to find out!

No Synthetic Dyes

One of the main draws to wool carpeting is usually dyed with natural pigments. This is an important fact for people who are allergic to dyes or are sensitive to chemicals found in common carpeting. These natural dyes are made from indigo flowers, madder root, pomegranates, vine leaves, walnut shells, and henna to create a unique color for your carpets.

Insulating Properties

If you have ever worn a wool sweater, you know how warm wool fabric can be on those cold winter nights. Now imagine being completely surrounded by that sweater and you will have wool carpeting. These carpets will allow your floors to stay warmer and it ideal for overly cold rooms like the basement or rooms over your garage as well as bedrooms.

Forms a Resistance

Unlike other carpeting, natural wool is both fire-, water-, and stain-resistant. The fire-retardant properties of wool are well known and has been the reason many people choose wool for their bedding. Your carpeting will help to keep flames at bay as you maneuver outside to safety. Wool is naturally water-resistant. If anything is spilled on it, the water will sit on top of the fibers, giving you time to clean it up. Have little kids with slippery fingers? Then wool carpet is a must in your home! Wool carpets are stain-resistant and will protect your carpet from those spills and accidents.

Natural wool carpeting is an excellent choice no matter what your living situation or lifestyle. For more information on installing natural wool carpets, call Jim Boyd’s Flooring America.

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