DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

diy carpet cleaning mistakes

Over-shampooing your carpet could have some serious consequences. Let us help you avoid this common DIY carpet cleaning mistake.

For most homes, carpet cleaning is not an everyday process. Most carpets require a deep cleaning once every year to 18 months depending on your home. Having your carpets deep cleaned will help extend the life of your carpeting and contribute to better air quality while reducing allergens and germs. While your carpet should be cleaned professionally, many homeowners opt to deep clean their carpet on their own to save money. But as a DIY carpet cleaner, you could be making some mistakes. Let’s take a look at some common carpet cleaning mistakes you could be making.


Over-shampooing can definitely be a DIY cleaning nightmare. This problem can not only occur when too much shampoo is used but also when the carpet is not rinsed properly. If this happens to you, the buildup of soapy residue can be nearly impossible to get rid of and can attract dirt like a magnet. Over-shampooing can also end up staining your carpet. Make sure to use the directed amount on the cleaner.


Over-wetting occurs when too much water is used and it soaks into the bottom of the carpet or carpet padding. Some backing material can cause discoloration to the carpet if it gets too wet during cleaning. Some carpets may shrink or tear themselves from the floor when too wet. If the backing or padding gets too wet, your carpet may be very difficult to dry and you may run the risk of developing mold or mildew in your home.

Furniture Contact

Many DIY carpet cleaners may think it is fine to move their furniture back to its original spot right after cleaning. But many kinds of wood furniture often release dyes or stains when they are left in contact with a wet surface like a wet carpet. Furniture with wooden legs will stain your carpet while furniture with metal legs will leave a rust stain. Before moving your furniture back to its original place, make sure your carpet is dry.

These are just some of the problems DIY carpet cleaners can run into. To avoid making these mistakes, it is recommended that you seek out professional carpet cleaners. For more information on cleaning your carpet, call Jim Boyd’s Flooring America today!

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes from Jim Boyd’s Flooring America!

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