Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips

Many homeowners shy away from carpeting because they believe it will be difficult to maintain. While it’s true that some types of flooring, such as vinyl tile, are extremely low-maintenance, carpeting is only as much of a challenge as you let it become, and it can in fact be easy to keep clean with regular maintenance. If you want to install luxury carpeting for your home but want to know you will be able to take care of it first, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to help with some essential, easy cleaning tips for your carpet!

Day-to-Day Carpet Cleaning

Now, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean daily cleaning! But in order to maintain your carpet’s cleanliness in the long term, you will have to tackle spills and stains immediately after they happen, rather than letting them set into the fibers of the carpet. Absorb the excess moisture from a stain with a cloth, mix a little laundry detergent together with water, and scrub at the spot until it has disappeared; this is a cleaning method that should work on the majority of spills you’ll encounter.

Weekly Carpet Cleaning

Especially if your carpet is located in a highly-trafficked area in your home, you’ll want to give it a weekly vacuuming to prevent dirt and dust from building up in the fibers. Use your vacuum’s carpet attachment and clean the entire area. If you keep up with this on a weekly basis, you’ll keep allergens out of your carpet and it will stay looking like new!

Bi-Annual Carpet Cleaning

Deep-cleaning your carpet can be good for getting rid of worn or ground-in dirt. Most flooring experts would recommend having your carpet deep-cleaned at least once every six months. Restoring your carpet with deep-cleaning, paired with your other own regular maintenance, will keep your carpet clean, your home healthy, and your interior design looking beautiful for years to come!

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Carpet Installations

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