How to Clean Your Carpets This Winter

Winter means snowy boots tracking in dirt and slush on our nice carpets- learn how to get those stains out!

Winter means snowy boots tracking in dirt and slush on our nice carpets- learn how to get those stains out!

Overall, winter is a messy season that is known for its slush, mud, and salt stains. Unfortunately, these stains never stay outside as they are usually tracked in on your shoes, clothing, shovel, and other accessories that you carry. If you have carpet in your home, especially on the main floor, it’s difficult to keep these stains off the floor. It’s also important that these spots be removed carefully, and using the correct methods so as not to cause more flaws on your carpets. In general, the best defense for winter stains is frequent and routine maintenance. Check out these common winter stains and, even better, some solutions for maintaining the look of your carpets.

Common Winter Stains

With the winter season comes many environmental elements that find their way into your home and onto your carpet. To combat ice, you’ll probably use salt, but that will leave stains when you track it inside on your shoes. When the moisture of the snow and slush mix with the soil, you’ll get muddy stains following your every step. In addition, an example of a stain that originates inside your home comes from using your fireplace to stay warm in the cold. Soot from the fireplace will also stain your carpet, and leave unsightly marks in the area surrounding it.


The number one solution for combatting winter stains is taking off your shoes. Have a mat or basket available to put your shoes in until they dry from the snow and slush. When you’re having guests over, have a designated area, off the carpet, where everyone can place their shoes. Right outside your door, use a welcome mat that will allow you and your guests to wipe off as much of the slush and salt as possible before entering your home and stepping on the carpet. Next, let’s go over some of the ways you can remedy stains on your carpet.

  • Vacuum your carpet frequently to remove all surface debris so that it won’t embed itself deeper into the fibers of your carpet.
  • Shampoo your carpets to remove any remaining stains from mud and salt.
  • Use a mixture of half warm water and half white vinegar to remove salt stains.
  • Mix soap and hot water for snow and slush stains, with a clean cloth.
  • Vacuum up excess soot and sprinkle baking soda onto the stain before vacuuming again.

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