How To Fix Common Carpet Problems

While carpets can sometimes take a lot of work to maintain, here are a few easy tips on how to fix common problems.

While carpets can sometimes take a lot of work to maintain, here are a few easy tips on how to fix common problems.

As much as we all love our carpets, sometimes they take a lot of work and effort to maintain. When you see a problem with your carpet, don’t worry, all carpets encounter problems at some point. From minor concerns to significant issues, carpet owners may be worried that nothing can be done to fix the problem and the carpet needs to be replaced. This isn’t always true, however, and with the right knowledge, you can undo the damage.


Carpets can look thinned out or crushed when constant foot traffic wears down the thickness of the carpet. To avoiding thinning, be sure to vacuum the area frequently.


If your carpet is new, don’t worry about shedding. During the first year, a carpet will lose fibers or fluffs as a side effect of the manufacturing process, but it should disappear after that. To help solve the problem, continue to vacuum frequently with a high-quality vacuum cleaner.

Fading Color

Fading usually happens when flooring is exposed to direct sunlight. To avoid fading, use drapes, curtains or blinds to help prevent the sun from shining on your carpet. Also, be sure to close window coverings during the hottest times of the day.


Carpet can have dents or depressed areas from the weight of your furniture if it isn’t moved for long periods of time. To avoid dents, try to rearrange your furniture a few inches every few months. Also, you can remove dents by using a hair dryer on the depression while working the carpet fibers into their proper position.

Burn Marks

If a bad accident ever happens and your carpet is left with burn marks, you can still salvage the carpet. A small accident will require clipping off the tips of the scorched fibers, while a larger burn will need a carpet repair professional.

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