Keep Pet Hair from Collecting in your Carpet!

You love your pets, but the dirt and hair they leave behind them? That you could probably live without. One of the main reasons homeowners with pets hesitate to have high quality carpeting installed is because they fear that pet hair will prove too difficult to keep out of the carpet fibers. But it doesn’t have to come down to a decision between the two: have your pet and carpet too with these carpet cleaning tips from Jim Boyd’s Flooring America!

 Carpets and Pet HairHow Can I Keep Pet Hair from Collecting in My Carpet?

If your dog or cat is a shedding machine, the first thing you can (and should!) do to combat this is by keeping them well groomed. Go outdoors or into the bathroom to brush out your pet’s coat- this will remove any loose hairs that would otherwise fall out and get lodged in your carpet. Grooming is also good for your pet’s overall health, not just the cleanliness of your house. When you groom your pet, it gives you the opportunity to get rid of any dirt that has matted their fur, check for ticks and lice, and to spot and irregularities in their skin that could indicate a health issue.

Apart from grooming, a great way to keep your carpet pet-hair-free is to keep a hand vacuum at the ready. While lugging out the full size vacuum every day could be more trouble than it’s worth, a hand vacuum is lightweight and can easily be used to spot-clean areas of carpeting that have collected hair. If you check at the end of the day for heavily affected areas and clean them, you won’t have to worry about a mountain of pet hair coating your otherwise beautiful carpet by week’s end!

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