The Benefits of Carpeted Floors

Are you moving into a new home? It’s time to decide on the perfect flooring for your home décor.

What are floors you cannot go wrong with? Here’s the answer: Carpeted floors.

Carpet is flooring that provides plenty of coziness while enhancing the luxury of your home. Carpet can style just about any room.

There are a variety of carpeted floors on the market. You can have:

  • Low maintenance carpet
  • Low cost carpet
  • Versatile carpet
  • A flooring that works as a sound insulation

When shopping for carpeted floors, it is important to keep in mind the level of carpet durability you want for your home.

A durable carpet includes:

  • A good thickness
  • Quality fiber material

If you purchase a good carpet density, you won’t have to worry about your carpet crushing when people walk the surface. It will simply stand straight.

The following are great carpet fibers:

  • Wool carpet. It is the most expensive carpeted floor on the market but it provides many great benefits such as eco-friendly carpeting and quality durability.
  • Nylon carpet. This is a great carpet for homes expecting great durability. It has a soft texture, great style and great color.

Carpet fibers help resist stains.

If you cannot afford wool carpet or nylon carpet, you can always purchase polyester carpet. Polyester carpet is very eco-friendly and stain resistant.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has all types of carpeted floors:

  • Plush textured carpet
  • Berber carpet
  • Patterned carpet
  • Plush Saxony Carpet

For carpet you want to put throughout your home, pastels and neutrals always work well.

If you want a very unique room design, go for bold colors and carpet patterns.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to improve your home aesthetic value today. Our carpets can go just about anywhere in the home. We are here to meet your floor traffic needs.

As for carpet cleaning, the best cleaning strategies are as followed:

  • Vacuum the carpet on the reverse side if it is an area rug. You do not have to vacuum any types of fringes and tassels.
  • Carpet can be cleaned with mild detergent and water for most residues.

Learn about Jim Boyd’s Flooring America’s carpet to see how you can benefit fit from the feel of luxury and comfort of carpeted floors.

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