Wine Stains on Thanksgiving? Clean Your Carpet with These Tips!

So it is Thursday night and even after reading our last blog and learning about how to keep your carpet clean around Thanksgiving guests, the inevitable has happened: a red wine spill! The stains caused by red wine can easily set and damage your otherwise beautiful carpet- if you are not careful. But if you read on to discover how to best remove a wine stain from carpet before it has a chance to set, you may be able to save your carpet and keep it looking like new, no matter how many holiday mishaps happen!

Carpet Flooring in Baltimore, MarylandHow to Remove a Wine Stain from Carpeting

The first thing to do as soon as you notice the red wine spill on your carpet is to remove as much of the excess moisture as possible. Use a clean cloth, such as a washcloth or paper towel, and blot the affected area, being sure not to rub, as that will only encourage the stain to set further. The next step? There are a few different methods and combinations of items you can use to help lift the stain before it sets.

-The first combination is hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. These are items you may already have on hand in a first aid kit or in your kitchen cabinet. To fight the stain, first spray or pour hydrogen peroxide on to the stain itself, then cover that by sprinkling baking soda over the spot where the liquid is. You can let this sit for about 3 minutes total, then rinse the area thoroughly with water.

-Another method of clearing a red wine stain from carpet is the “opposites attract” approach: use white wine! Pouring white wine on top of a red wine stain makes the color easier to lift out with a towel or cloth.

-Think it might take you a minute to round up a special cleaner for your red wine stain? To buy some time, pour salt on to the wine stain first! This prevents the stain from setting while you work to figure out your next move.

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