Winter Cleaning Tips for Carpet Floors

Whether the kids come in from building a snowman or you come back in from shoveling, your floors are going to experience some winter weather. Snowfall creates the possibility of tracking in ice, mud, and salt chemicals on shoes that can damage your carpet flooring. Salt chemicals that are used to protect the roads from snow can easily be tracked inside your home. If salt chemicals are not removed correctly, they will stain your floor. Wet feet also heighten the possibility of injuries caused by slipping. Here are some tips to keep your carpet clean during winter.

Winter weather can damage your carpet without the proper cleaning

Winter weather can damage your carpet without the proper cleaning

Vacuuming Frequently

Since the possibility of tracking dirt into your home has heightened you need to vacuum more often than usual. Vacuum when you see a stain and vacuum at least twice a week rather than the recommended once a week. You may have to vacuum over spots more than usual because of salt, and dirt stain carpets easily.

Take your Shoes Off

Some of the best ways to take care of your carpet are by taking precautions. Let your guests know to take their shoes off before stepping onto the carpet. Make it easier for putting shoes away by purchasing a shoe rack or clear some closet space to place shoes. A basket for shoes is another option for storing shoes easily.

Mats and Rugs

Mats and rugs can do the dirty work for you and protect your carpet from dirty feet. You can replace a mat or rug easier than replacing a whole carpet. Place mats on transition areas near the front door or places where you may have a hardwood floor kitchen and then a carpeted floor in the living room.


If vacuuming does not get the job done, then try carpet shampooing. At Jim Boyd’s Flooring, we recommend using Capture Dry Clean System. Contact us for more info on properly shampooing your carpet.

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