Can Carpet make your house warmer for the winter?

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There’s a chill in the air and it’s time to prepare your home for a cold winter. If you are like most homeowners, you want to keep your house warm while keeping your heating cost down. You can do just that by using rugs and carpets to protect your home from heat loss.

The weather report this week suggested Maryland would experience a very cold winter with an average snowfall of 15 inches. This is not good news for homes that experience a cold draft every winter. You can make your home cozier just in time for the cold season by having area rugs placed on top of your cold floors or you can have floor heaters installed if you prefer tile heating for warmth. Out of these choices, having a custom rug created or carpet installed is the most cost effective option.

For rooms in the home with doorways, we highly recommend a full carpet installation and a purchase of sealers/ insulation foam for the doors. This will reduce the amount of cold draft you’ll experience during the coldest winter days.

It’s no secret that area rugs are great for heat control for homes. It’s recommended that rugs be placed in front of seating such as sofas to provide warmth for bare feet. It’s recommended that carpet runners be placed down walkways for warmer footing.

For homeowners preparing for resale, we recommend using area rugs rather than having full carpet installations completed. This will help you give your hardwood floor rooms a new look without lowering the resale value.

With new curtains and new rugs, you can protect your home from the cold draft. It’s important to remove any home items preventing natural light from coming inside.

The best rugs for cold rooms of the home are thick rugs. Remember rugs and carpet are designed to serve as floor insulation. Wool is the warmest rug you can purchase. It’s durable and very soft, a rug the entire family can appreciate.

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