How to warm up your chilly home with custom rugs

Custom rugs for the home

This week the Mid-Atlantic will get its first taste of winter with a snow/rain mixture. Do you have a bad draft in your home? This is a perfect time to invest in few custom rugs to warm up your chilly home.

Having custom rugs for a home with hardwood woods will not only warm up your home but also help you prevent damage to your hardwood floors. If you think area rugs are just for appearance, think again.

These decorative rugs will improve your home ambiance and help ground your home furniture better. For example, you can have a custom area rug creating for your dining room to place under your dining table to prevent wear and tear of your hardwood floors. Dining room floor damage commonly happens when users maneuver dining room chairs.

With a custom rug in your dining room, you will make your dining area look more put together while providing extra warmth to all room users. There will be no slipping and sliding of chairs when you have a custom rug.

You can also use custom area rugs to make rooms throughout your home extra unique with stunning colors and patterns. The best rooms for colored and pattern rugs are ones that have neutral furniture items.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to provide you custom rugs, antique and vintage rugs. We have low maintenance rugs and competitively priced lavish rugs.

Here is a list of rooms we recommend having custom rugs installed:

  • Bedrooms to keep your bare feet from hitting a cold floor in the mornings. A warm rug will make waking up during winter morning easier. It’s best to place your bedroom rug perpendicular underneath the bed to give your feet plenty of warm footage.
  • Use custom rugs in playrooms to serve as a sound absorption feature
  • Use area rugs to designate space within in your home. For example, you can use a specific rug color or pattern to designate where to place certain furniture items in the home.

With regular care of your rugs, you can improve the attractiveness of your home interior while saving you time and money on hardwood floor replacement and repairs.

If you are curious about how long the average custom rug should be for a living room, dining room or bedroom, it’s safe to go with an 8×10 area rug.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to create your custom rugs and arrange them appropriately in your home. We will give you advice on how to truly utilize beautiful, custom rugs. Yes, that means no large furniture blocking the beautiful features of your custom rugs.

Take a look at our gallery of custom rugs to see what type of home flooring and carpeting solutions we can provide to you.

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