What are perfect Floors and Carpets for Playrooms?

Custom Tile Playrooms

Are you creating a playroom for your children? One of the most important decisions you will make for the playroom down is the play surface. This decision is more important the toys available to your children, the storage space and the art used for the playroom decor.

The right playroom floor can help you, help your kids use the playroom to the fullest. What will be the best flooring for your children? The most popular floor selections for playrooms are floor tiles, carpets, and rugs. Children will always look for the floor as an area of space.

The more comfortable space children have in their playroom, the more involved that become with their imagination. Here is a list of fun custom carpets you may want to consider for the playroom:

  1. A hopscotch carpet tile flooring. It’s a great way to make a floor a play toy in itself.
  2. Handwoven carpet to create your children’s favorite cartoon characters or video game characters like Mario from Nintendo.
  3. Use a half floor carpet as a rug  and lounge chair simultaneously.
  4. Have a custom alphabet rug created for you.
  5. Use albatross rugs to make a very unique, and distinctive look.
  6. For little girls have a 2D dollhouse created from carpet.
  7. For young boys, have a puzzle rug designed.

There are endless possibilities when you mix and match high quality tiles and rugs in a playroom. Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to help you create the playroom of children’s dreams.

If you are not a fan of carpet, you can go with hard flooring where insulation is added on top. Get creative with your floor color and more importantly make sure it feels good to bare feet, hands and arms. We are here to help you select flooring that fits your needs , your lifestyle. Have a look at our hard floors and custom carpets today.

Here at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America we can help you select the best flooring for your interior design to increase your home value.

Come pick out your durable flooring  and carpet today. Here are samples of our home carpet and home flooring options.

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