What are Senior Citizen friendly flooring?

Senior citizen flooring

Do you have to prepare a home for an elderly family member? It’s important to put safety first.

Good quality flooring is key to protecting senior citizens from home injuries.

One bad move could put a senior citizen in danger. In a home without regular adult supervision, an elder could lay immobile for hours and days at a time from one bad fall. One bad fall could turn into a life threatening situation.

What is good flooring for senior citizens?

To put it simple, flooring that’s soft with yielding. The flooring should protect elders from breaking bones and bruising their bodies.

The flooring is a low maintenance flooring. Low maintenance flooring is very easy to clean and keep looking good.

Here are Jim Boyd’s Flooring America top Senior Citizen flooring options:

Carpet for its softness and warmth. This is imperfect for elders that have experienced frequent falls and trips.  The warmth of carpet is especially appreciated during the chilly months of Autumn and Winter. Carpet provides great insulation. It’s important to keep up with regular carpet cleaning to assure elders with respiratory illness do not suffer from poor indoor air quality related to debris particle accumulation.

Cork floors. Cork is also soft flooring. It reduces heat loss during cold seasons and its excellent for noise control.  Cork flooring is also good for providing good underfoot traction and makes for a great stain resistant flooring. What’s necessary for floor cleaning? Simply a good sweep or vacuum once in awhile.

Linoleum floors. They are great for senior citizens because the linoleum flooring options are anti-microbial and provide quality padding.

Vinyl Flooring. It’s resistant to water damage, stain resistant and very easy to clean. Not to mention, the flooring  is available in a variety of color schemes and patterns.

Last but not least, you can consider rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is safe for elders that still want to do physical chores and activities on the regular.

To help you make the best decision on Senior citizen flooring options, here are some facts you should know about flooring related injuries for elders:

– When carpet is installed for the home only 17% of injuries occur for Senior Citizens.

– For vinyl flooring installations only 46% of injuries are sustained.

– The majority of Senior Citizen homes are floored with carpet.

– High quality lighting is likely to reduce Senior Citizen risks of floor injuries.

Come to our showroom to find the perfect Senior Citizen flooring for your elder’s living arrangements.

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