What Commerical Tiling Can Bring To Your Space

carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are an effortless and creative alternative for your commercial space.

Last week, we time to describe the many benefits that the right carpet can bring to your commercial space — not just the styles and variations, but also how the selection of the right colors can evoke emotions and productivity within the workplace. That still applies when considering alternative carpeting methods and constructions, but those, too can have a lot to say about your business and personality. For example, a fun and creative alternative is commercial tiling, an often-overlooked carpet construction that comes with numerous benefits.

Affordable and Lasting Style

Far and away, the most important benefit when considering what commercial tiling has to offer is the cost. Because you’ll instantly be thinking about the entire size and scope of your space, it is important to note that commercial carpet tiling is incredibly cost-efficient — especially when all of its many benefits are taken into account. While traditional, roll carpeting often comes patterned, those carpets are typically not made for high traffic areas like commercial business spaces. With carpet tiles, however,you can customize a totally unique design merely by mixing and matches diverse patterns. In addition, carpet tiles provide the crucial option to select your own flooring construction. Combined with the sturdiness the materials that make up most commercial tiling options — deliberately constructed for high-traffic, commercial use — commercial tiling comes out way ahead.



Did We Mention Easy Maintenance?

Commercial tiling is easily cleaned in the traditional methods — vacuum and the occasional carpet cleaning service. But the bonus is that, unlike all roll carpet methods, if staining or damage occurs, you would only need to replace a small section — as opposed to a completely new carpet to fill the entire commercial space. Worn or damaged tiles can always be switched for a new color, if you decide to want to try a new look, making the design options endless.


Choosing Commercial Carpet Tiles from Jim Boyd’s Flooring America!

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