Why Carpet Tiles Are Perfect for Your Business

carpet tiles

Installing carpet tiles in your commercial space will keep your floors looking beautiful.

Installing carpet in your office can add an element of comfort and beauty to your once cold office. But if you want something a little different from traditional carpet, why not think about carpet tiles for your business? There are many benefits this special carpeting can bring to your office. Want to know what those benefits are? Read on to find out!

Adding Some Style

While roll carpet can come with patterns in it, those carpets are typically not made for high traffic areas like commercial spaces. But with carpet tiles, you can design your own patterns by mixing and matches different patterns or by changing the tile directions. Carpet tiles will give you the freedom to choose your own flooring. Want different carpet for each area of your office? Perhaps you want a different design scheme for conference rooms, offices, and common areas? With carpet tiles, each area of your office can be customized depending on preferences.


Commercial carpet tiles are designed to take abuse when it comes to high traffic areas. These tiles will be able to handle high foot traffic and heavy furniture without breaking down or showing signs of wear for many years to come.


Commercial carpet tiles are a budget-friendly option for your commercial flooring. Commercial tiles are often factory overruns or overstocked, making these options cheaper than other flooring options.

Easy Maintenance

Just like other carpets, commercial carpet tiles are easily kept clean with a vacuum and the occasional carpet cleaning service. Many people do not like carpets in their business or high traffic areas because of their propensity to staining. But with carpet tiles, your business will always put its best foot forward with a quick switch. If something spills on your carpet and creates a stain, simply switch out the carpet for a new square and everything will be perfect again. Worn out tiles can also be switched for a new color or keep the same pattern for the same look. With commercial carpet tiles, your options are unlimited!

Choosing Commercial Carpet Tiles from Jim Boyd’s Flooring America!

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