Ceramic in the Cold: How to Heat your Tile Floors!

With fall in full swing, and winter not far behind, one of your chief concerns is keeping your home warm and well-insulated. Not only is it simply more comfortable than the chilly alternative, but the more ways you can keep your home warm without having to use your heating system, the more energy you will end up saving, and subsequently, money! But if you are a homeowner with ceramic tile floors, you know that, though they provide a high-quality, beautiful addition to your home, they do have the downside of being a colder walking surface. So how can you go about better insulating your ceramic floors in winter? Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has the answer!

Ceramic in the coldHow to Kill the Chill in your Ceramic Tile Floors

One way to go about increasing the insulation for your ceramic tile floors is by using throw and area rugs. Not only do they provide an interesting change for the overall look of your room, but the fabric absorbs and retains more heat, keeping your rooms (and feet!) toasty warm.

If throw rugs aren’t your thing, or you’re looking for a way to actually warm the tiles themselves so that they are a comfortable temperature to walk on, consider installing a radiant floor heating system from Jim Boyd’s Flooring America. It heats the tiles individually and allows the entire floor to get warm, rather than just specific areas. This is a great way to keep your floor surface warm and to heat the entire room at the same time!

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