Ceramic in Disguise: The Tile Floor That Looks Like Hardwood!

If you ask any homeowner what their most desired flooring type is, chances are, the majority will respond “hardwood.” Now, this is completely understandable. Hardwood floors are a timeless classic of interior design: they complement nearly any style of furnishing, they are durable, and they add value to your home. But what if you want the look of hardwood with a bit of a trendy twist? Consider the latest craze sweeping the flooring nation: ceramic tile with a hardwood look!

Ceramic like HardwoodCan Ceramic Tile Really Be Made to Resemble Hardwood?

For those homeowners who wanted the look of hardwood for a budget-friendly price, there used to be only one copycat option available to them: laminate flooring. But the most current trend that has taken over is ceramic tile with a hardwood look; the tiles are specially designed to mimic the appearance of wood grain and hardwood planks, making them a delightful doppelganger for your home. As with any new hot item on the scene, many people have questions about ceramic tile with a hardwood look. Here to answer them are the experts from Jim Boyd’s!

-What’s the Advantage of Ceramic Tile Over Traditional Hardwood?

The main benefit you’ll gain with this choice comes in the maintenance. Ceramic tile is easy to care for, clean, and maintain, and you won’t have to worry about chipping or denting an expensive hardwood floor!

-Does It End Up Looking Fake?

It’s difficult to tell the difference! New technology has made it possible to create very realistic renderings of hardwood on a ceramic tile surface.

-Doesn’t Tile Flooring Get Cold in Winter?

Natural hardwood may be a, well, natural at insulation, but you don’t have to forego comfort to get your ceramic tile with a hardwood look. Ceramic tiles can be combined with radiant heating installed under the floor itself, keeping your home cozy warm throughout the coldest months!

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