Heat Your Home This Holiday Season with Radiant Flooring

Picture Christmas morning: You’ve woken up, wrapped in your warm blankets. You’re ready to dash downstairs, grab a cup of coffee, and get to opening all of the gifts underneath of the tree. You swing your legs over the side of the bed and step down to be met with- ice cold floors?! During the winter, your floors can absorb the chill in the air and become uncomfortable to walk on. But rather than subjecting your feet to a season of cold flooring, why not opt for a red-hot solution? Think radiant flooring this holiday season!

radiantflooringThe Advantages of Radiant Heat Flooring

Radiant heat flooring can be used to keep every room in your home toasty warm this winter. Radiant flooring works by channeling hot water through an under-floor layer, evenly distributing the heat throughout the entire area the floor covers. With a system like this comes many advantages. For one thing, you are not relying on your heat to come through a vent in the floor, and therefore you can place furniture however you’d like without worrying about covering it up and blocking the air flow. Another benefit of a radiant heat floor system? Compared to other types of heating systems, it takes a smaller amount of energy to run a radiant floor system, and so your energy expenses will be a lot lower.

Radiant heat can be installed under your ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles to keep what is ordinarily a poorly-insulated flooring type warm to the touch. Many homeowners find that in addition to making their home more comfortable, radiant flooring also increases their home’s value when they finally put it on the market. To have your very own radiant floor system installed this holiday season, get in touch with Jim Boyd’s Flooring today!

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