The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Tiles

ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are a great option for many rooms in your home.

Ceramic tiles are a versatile type of tile that can be used for a wide variety of applications in numerous instances. This architectural resource is often sought out for its durability as when it is employed one does not have to worry about the constraints of water, design, and stains. However, as a hard tile surface covering, ceramic tiles are not suited to every purpose and surface. To learn more about the ins and outs of ceramic tiles and when they will serve you best, read on.  

The Pros Of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are durable and when properly maintained can last from 10-20 years, and even longer than that. While severe impact can crack ceramic tile, it is relatively simple to replace a tile or two. These relatively low maintenance tiles are easy to clean and do not attract allergens, dirt, and debris, which can harm the health of those with asthma or respiratory problems. If any dirt or allergens to fall on the tile, it is easy to see them and sweep them away. Ceramic tile can also potentially add value to your property and be a beautiful element for your property. Tiles are available in various designs, colors, and shapes.

The Cons Of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is incredibly hard, which makes it easy and maintain but also uncomfortable to stand on for long periods. In a room where people might have to stand for hours, ceramic tile is a poor choice. This material also does not hold heat very well, which would make it uncomfortably cold to stand on in the winter. However, it will offer a beautiful respite from the heat during the summer. Installing ceramic tiles is also a time consuming and difficult process that is best not undertaken by the casual DIY enthusiast. Even a single small mistake can end up compromising your entire floor and lead to expensive to correct problems down the line.  

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