The benefits of radiant floor heating

heated floors

As Fall comes into season, you may  notice your home is becoming a little chilly.

You can warm up your home by having radiant floor heating installed throughout your home.

Walking on cold floors can make it very difficult to get up and going during your work week.

No one wants to wake up to a cold floor.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to install hardwood flooring to your home that’s well equipped for a radiant floor heating system.

Radiant floor heating can be installed under ceramic tile as well.

What are the benefits of radiant floor heating?

The radiant floor heating system can feature electric heating coils or water  heated tubing.

You will feel warmth from the ground up.

Your home temperature will be more constant because  of the heated flooring.

The best homes for radiant floor heating systems are  modern homes.

If you have an older home, have your radiant heating installed room by room. This is especially important for kitchen areas and bathrooms.

How much will radiant heating cost?

It varies on the space in your home.

A small bathroom heating installation can cost about $400 – $800 dollars.

It’s worth the cost because you can keep your home warm while saving your home energy cost.

Enjoy a blanket of heat with our flooring options fully designed to accommodate radiant heating.

Can you install radiant heating under carpet?

The answer is yes but it can be difficult if your carpet has thick padding.

You don’t need radiant heating for well insulated carpet.

Never again will you have to worry about the discomfort of cold floors.

You will have full control of your heating room by room.

Get in touch with a heating contractor for the best results.

Come see what great flooring we have available today.

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