Tile Trends: Offset vs. Straight set Tile

tile flooring trends

Tile is a great option for any room. Be sure to know the trends so you can keep your look updated.

Tile is such a versatile flooring option. It comes in many colors, patterns, materials, sizes, and shapes. You are almost certain to find something that matches your design aesthetic and it works in any room of your home. One thing you may not have considered in your quest for tile is how you want it installed. There are a few trends out there, and the look of your tile flooring will be dramatically influenced by your decision to go with straight set or offset tile.

Straight Set Tile

Straight set tile is the most common method of installation, and is by far the simplest. Square or rectangular tiles are set in parallel lines. All of your tiles will be side by side, creating a clean, modern look that will enhance the sleek look of any type of tile. This is also a great option for those who are taking on the project on their own for the first time. Straight set tiles can be laid horizontally or vertically for different effects. Vertical straight set tiles are especially great in small rooms or rooms with short ceilings because they give the appearance of a larger space.

Offset Tile

Installing tile in an offset pattern is a bit of a tougher task, but not by much, especially with the help of a professional. A good way to think about offset tile installation is to picture a brick wall. Each row is set a bit off of the edge so that it creates a more rustic look. This type of tile installation is incredibly good at warming up a room. It will make your kitchen, bathroom, or living rooms feel a bit more artsy, and bit homier. This option also draws the eye and becomes sort of an art piece of its own.

Other Trends to Try

Tile trends are always changing. At the moment, people are using the traditional styles of offset and straight set tiles in new ways. Mosaic tiles of all different colors are hot right now. These tiny tiles can be installed in a straight set pattern that truly looks like art. On the other side of the coin, enlarged tiles can add a whole new level of interest to your offset tile display.

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