Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Salt this Winter

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Salt might be great for your patio and driveway, but it’s best kept outside the house and away from your hardwood floors.

Winter brings snow, cold temperatures, ice, and also salt. While salt can do wonders for making the outdoors less of an ice skating rink, when you track in that salty slush on your shoes it can do a number on your hardwood floors. It can also do damage to your pets’ paws and the soles of your feet. Here are some tips to avoid tracking in that mixture of ice, mud, and slush so you can take care of your hardwood floors all winter long.

Don’t Just Run Inside

While in the face of cold weather, many of us do our best to run inside as fast as we can, this can result in tracking in some dirty and potentially corrosive stuff in the winter. Always stomp your feet when you get off the street and do not walk around your home in your dirty boots. While taking them off at the door is an option, if you want to keep your hardwood floors truly salt free it is best to take off your shoes before you even enter and put them in a bag to bring inside. Do not rest your shoes on the floor to dry either. A rack with a tray to catch water is best for avoiding water damage to your hardwood floors.

Protect Your Pets’ Feet

If you have ever wondered why many pet owners dress their dogs in booties to be walked in the winter, it’s not just to make a fashion statement. The ice used to melt snow can do serious damage to their soft pads, making keeping their paws covered up during the winter a must. This will also prevent pets from tracking that mud and slush all over your hardwood floors. These chemicals cannot only irritate and burn the feet of your furry friends, but can do the same to human feet as well. Keeping hardwood floors salt-free is not only a maintenance must, but a safety necessity.

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