Selecting the Right Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring

Commercial flooring should be the first thing you think about when designing your new commercial space.

From carpet to laminate, there are many different types of commercial flooring you could choose from when designing your new space. But how do you choose? Whether you are opening a new office space or need flooring for your dental office, there are plenty of choices for you to make. Let us help you select the right commercial flooring for your business.

Dentists and Doctors

When choosing new flooring for your dental or doctor’s office, it is important to choose something in a no-wax resilient flooring. Your offices will need to have a unique “rollability” about them that allows for smooth transitions that are also slip resistant. It is also important to choose something without a waxy buildup for infection control and biological containment. To get these features, you should choose something like rubber, laminate, sheets of vinyl, or vinyl tiles.


Retail and restaurant projects are often governed by the aesthetics and branding of the store. But these guidelines often allow designers to play with different products to choose the right one for the physical space. Your space will need something that is high-impact, easily maintained, and is low costs. For this type of space, you should choose products that are attractive like carpet tile, natural stone, and wood.


Like retail and restaurant spaces, office spaces must tie into the organization’s brand and regional aesthetics. Durability requirements may vary based on the space’s purposes within the workplace. For example, a kitchen and conference room may have different requirements to an area with cubicles. The choices of flooring products will need to be functional and have a balance of cost, quality, maintenance, and durability. Many offices choose flooring such as carpet tiles, broadloom carpets, no-way vinyl, stone, porcelain tiles, wood, and even cork flooring.

Commercial flooring can help to define your commercial space. Let Jim Boyd’s Flooring American help you choose the perfect commercial flooring today!

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